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La Jaula de Oro

Dulce María López González, La Jaula de Oro / The Golden Birdcage, 2017. Mixed media; paper mache, fabric, acrylics on canvas, 70” x 70” .

“Even if the bird cage is made out of gold, it is still a prison”

“Aunque la jaula sea de oro, no deja de ser prisión.”

I was born in the worst best place and migrated to the best worst country. I am not here because I want to –– I am here because of a “heroic” government that has built its empire by exploiting and taking advantage of governments willing to sell their community for a few dollars. I am here because my country is in war –– a war this country has taken part in maintaining it.

My life consists of waking up everyday and remembering the people and landscaped I left behind.

“Go back to your country, Mexican.” “You should be thankful to this country. You are studying in UC Berkeley.” “If you do not agree with the United States’ politics, why are you here?”

I am not welcomed here, but I cannot go back either. My life is in danger in both places.

I am an immigrant –– I am a refugee.

A very special thanks to:

  • Christina Delgado

  • Camila Ruiz

  • Genaro Hernandez Salgado

  • Jon-Paul Bail

  • Katie Alducin

  • Lili Hw

  • Luz María González

  • Mary Tan

  • Oscar Linn

  • Saraí J. Del Desierto

  • Tony Morales

  • Xgosho Yare

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