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About the Artist / CV

Dulce María López González’s artworks are anecdotes, love letters, and calls for justice based on her experiences as a rural Mexican immigrant woman living in the United States. Her artwork intends to shake the audience out of their comfort zone, question societal structures, and encourage viewers to take action toward equity. Therefore, her art style draws inspiration from the Mexican muralist wave of the 1920s and Latin America’s screen printing artivism. Dulce uses acrylics, screen printing, watercolor, social art, and media to create story-telling art and mobilize toward direct sustainable projects. Through her artwork, she addresses racism, sexism, immigration, and international politics. Dulce is a firm believer in the power of art as a form of communication to impact transnational movements.


Dulce was born and raised in Jalisco, México where she began drawing from a very young age. Because of her family’s economic struggle, Dulce sold doodles to her classmates, sparking her interest in art. At age seven, she worked in the fields in addition to helping with housework and taking care of her studies. When she turned eleven years old, her family and she migrated to California. Since she did not have English skills, drawing was Dulce’s only way to communicate. Dulce taught herself English and obtained a Media Studies B.A. and a Practice of Art minor from the University of California, Berkeley, and is currently studying a Master's in Latin American Studies at UCLA. She also studied at the Autonomous National Mexican University and the Habana University. She has collaborated and showcased her art in México, Perú, Nicaragua, Cuba, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and the Bay Area. Dulce aspires to continue organizing through multidisciplinary arts and to create sustainable platforms to make art and social mobilizing an accessible and safe path for historically marginalized groups both in her home country and in her new community in the United States.

Dulce M. López •


University of California, Berkeley

Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and Practice of Art minor (December 2018)

University of California, Los Angeles

Master's of Arts in Latin American Studies (Expected 2025)

          La Universidad de la Havana (Spring 2017)

          Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Fall 2018)

06/14 - Present

Entrepreneur Artist and Communications Strategist, Dulce Maria Lopez’ Art

  • Managed personal branding, strategized publicity, designed a website on Wix, and launched my personal merchandise

    and online shop. Within a year, I hired two assistants and grew my social media and web visitors organically.

  • Carried out the first celebratory community mural, 13 by 3 meters, in the rural “El Llano En Llamas” region in Southern

    Jalisco. I also organized a press conference to reveal the mural and interviewed with the local press.

  • Lead logistical operations and a press conference to paint a mural in the U.S.-MEXICO border wall. The project was

    conducted along with Quetzal Migrante to raise visibility to Central Americans and the “Remain in Mexico” policy.

  • Fundraised through personal designs, spread awareness, and provided economic aid to children victim of femicides,

    educational resources for Mexican rural kids, support to victims of Ayotzinapa, and numerous other issues.

  • Mentored students on art as a form of history recovery and resistance. Worked with high schools and middle schools

    in the United States, in Mexican rural communities, and in Peruvian indigenous communities.

04/19 - 01/24

Oakland, CA

Sr. Visual Communications Manager, Change Consulting

  • Inaugurated and coordinated the first Visual Communications Department in the agency, working in collaboration with the Engagement and Strategy departments to serve nonprofits and foundations.

  • Generated branding strategies, logos, and designed visual advertising content for foundations and nonprofits using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, and Canva. Gained over 16K followers on Instagram within a year and a half.

  • Developed marketing content in Spanish, providing social justice information to a diversified audience.

  • Placed infographic in Los Angeles Time to portray a client’s impact on California elections and how it affects POC.

06/18 - 12/18

Itztapalapa, Mexico City, México

Marketing and Mentor, Fabrica de Artes y Oficios (FARO) de Oriente

  • Designed weekly interactive English learning courses for a Spanish-speaking low-income community. Became one of the most requested workshops in the cultural center.

  • Expanded the center’s audience by promoting our activities towards English speaking audiences.

01/18 – 06/18

UC California CA

Research Assistant, Undergraduate Research Assistant Project (URAP)

  • Assisted a graduate student by analyzing, transcribing and translating interviews in order to understand the impact of globalization on the social and political structure of a rural agricultural community in El Bajio, Mexico.

  • Conducting a comparative analysis of Indian literature and the poetry of Octavio Paz, a Mexican writer.

05/17 – 12/17

San Francisco, CA

Gallery & Marketing Intern, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts (MCCLA)

  • Collaborated in the preparation one of the biggest Day of the Dead exhibits in San Francisco in the last years.

  • Recruited volunteers and artists and helped them through the creative process.

  • Prepared exhibits by choosing and archiving artwork and created marketing material and web designs.

06/16 – 06/17

Berkeley, CA

Graphic Design Assistant, Haas School of Business

  • Produced promotional materials, managed social media platforms and analyzed viewer engagement.

  • Increased our viewers and feedbacks in our newsletters through inclusive and diverse content and graphics.

  • Conducted workshops for staff on software such as Google Drive to facilitate data sharing.

06/15 - 12/15

Berkeley, CA

Illustrator, The Daily Californian

  • Designed the front page featured illustrations for my university’s newspaper’s by using Adobe and mixed materials.

10/14 - 05/18

Berkeley, CA

Coordinator and Political Artist, Art For Social Change (AFSC)

  • Achieved a new high in AFSC members every semester. I placed AFSC among one of the most successful Political, Art,

    and Community Service student organizations in UC Berkeley and in the Bay Area.

  • Organized fundraisings by selling artwork designed by me and AFSC members. Donated to local and international

    causes. Raised an average of $400 per fundraiser.

  • Delegated workshops and provided tools to foster attainable art education and training.

01/16 – 07/16

Cusco, Perú

Art and Publicity Director, Nourish International

  • Fabricated publicity and marketing strategies to expand an art-craft business by women in Cusco, Peru.

  • Taught art to local low-income indigenous students as tools for resistance and culture retention.

01/15 - 12/15

Berkeley, CA

Teacher Assistant, UC Berkeley Writing Class: Politics of Frida Kahlo’s Representation

  • Assisted a graduate student instructor by mentoring students on social concepts and current foreign issues in order to help them understand the class material. Graded essays and facilitated discussion to encourage critical thinking.

Art Showcasing

  • Chicanxs Sin Frontera, Casa de California, CDMX, 2024

  • The Colors of Resilience Art, Future Leaders, Oxnord, 2024

  • Art activism, DePaul University, Chicago, 2024

  • The Last Shall Be First, Midnight Bookstore, Los Angeles CA, 2024

  • The Healing Project, UCLA, Los Angeles CA, 2024

  • Beauty In The Struggle, All Power Books, Los Angeles CA, 2024

  • No thanks, No Taking, Memories of El Monte, El Monte CA, 2023

  • Octubre Zapatista, Oakland, CA 2023

  • Pintando Murales: Tierra y Genero, Teutlán, Tolimán, Jalisco, 2023

  • Mujeres Market The Art Show, Los Angeles CA, 2023

  • 35x35 Bicentennial, Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles CA, 2021, 2023

  • The Real Path to Peace in Ukraine, New York City, 2022

  • On the Line: Border Convening, Nogales, AZ, 2022

  • People's Summit, Los Angeles, CA, 2022

  • Artists in Solidarity, San Diego, CA, 2022

  • Enero Zapatista, San Diego, CA, 2022

  • First Binational Meeting of Women Visual Artists: Fincar Correspondencias, The Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA), the Secretaria of Culture of Baja California, the Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles, Women's Salon LA, and Salón México, 2021

  • This Bridge Called Solidarity, UCLA, 2021

  • We Got Us Zine, New York, New York, 2021

  • Semillas del Petacal Exhibit, El Petacál, Tolimán, Jalisco, México, 2021

  • Quarantine Zine Part 11, Hex Gurls, 2021

  • Sharing Wisdom Across Generations, CLSD, 2020

  • Pozole for the Sol VOL. 004 Etzalcualiztli, Milpa Collective, 2020

  • People's Art Show, Serve The People L.A., 2020

  • Culture Counts Reading Series, San Jose State University, 2020

  • Hija Ausente: Stories of an immigrant, UCSD Cross-Cultural Center, 2020

  • Sharing Wisdom Across Generations, UC Berkeley, 2020

  • Quetzal Migrante, Tijuana, México, 2019

  • Evolved, San Francisco 2019

  • Día De Muertos, San Francisco, CA, 2019

  • Rostros de Mujer, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, 2019

  • Latina Luncheon, UC Berkeley, 2019

  • Casa de la Universidad de California, Mexico City, México, 2018

  • U-Tópicas, Mexico City, México, 2018

  • MAPPS, San Francisco, CA, 2018

  • BAM FEST, Berkeley, CA 2018 

  • Richmond Hospital, Richmond, CA, 2018

  • Kerner Commission Conference, Berkeley, CA, 2018

  • Nuestrxpalooza, Berkeley, CA 2015, 2016, 2016, 2017, 2018

  • Celebrating our Creations, Berkeley, CA 2018

  • Forward Together, Berkeley, CA 2018

  • From Among the Starts, Berkeley, CA 2018

  • Outburst Exhibit, Berkeley, CA 2017

  • Annual Immigrant Art Gala, Berkeley, CA 2015, 2017

  • Study for Political Graphics, Los Angeles, CA 2017

  • Authority Exhibit, Berkeley, CA 2017

  • Tolimán Cultural Museum, Tolimán, Jalisco, México 2017

  • Arc Youth Fest; Honorable Mentions, Oakland, CA 2016

  • Film Festival, Berkeley, CA 2016

  • Multicultural Community Center Library, Berkeley, CA 2016

  • Mexicanos al Grito de Guerra: We didn’t cross the borders, the border crossed us, San Francisco, CA 2016

  • Chevere, Berkeley, CA 2016

  • 6th Annual LAM Independence Celebration, San Francisco, CA 2015

  • Chicanx Heritage Gallery Exhibit, Berkeley, CA 2015

  • Mural StateFarm, Santa Ana, CA 2015

  • Artspiration, Santa Ana, CA 2014

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